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Custom Designed Homes – Your dream home the way you want it.

Here at Comfort Homes QLD, Bundaberg builder Ricky Paroz believes that designing and building your new home should be an exciting experience.  Whether you're searching for a custom designed home, or an ‘off the plan’ design for your block, the team at Comfort Homes can deliver both.  Let our builder, Ricky Paroz work with you directly to design an elegant home that perfectly suits your lifestyle, your family and your budget.  This personal approach ensures that you can have maximum input into both the design and the inclusions of your new home. 

With over forty-five years combined experience in building custom designed homes on both the Sunshine Coast and Bundaberg (and surrounding areas), we also specialize in designing new homes for difficult sites as we see a unique building site as simply an opportunity to create an even more interesting design. 

So, whether your block is rural, narrow, sloping or a unique shape, here at Comfort Homes QLD we will work with you to design a stylish new home that will complement your land and be the envy of all your neighbors.

Flexibility to create a unique Comfort Home of your own!


Your custom designed home will be tailored specifically to suit you and your lifestyle. The team at Comfort Homes QLD won’t tell you what you can’t have, or what you should have, we work with you to discover your needs and aspirations so we can build you a tailor made home to suit your requirements, living style, taste and to ensure you also meet your budget.

We take the confusion and frustration out of building a house and create a sense of excitement for you. Our team will work with you directly to design your new home, Ricky also constructs the home and is there overseeing all aspects of the construction. This personal approach, from the very first meeting through completion to our follow-up service ensures that you receive a home that not only you will be proud of but we are proud to have built.

Be inspired to create...

Our experienced team at Comfort Homes is available for consultation and discussion at any time throughout the design and building process and the expertise and input of our home developers into the initial design process is invaluable. 

If you are looking for an off the plan home, we have a range of designs for you to choose from and we welcome any changes you may have to make our design yours.

For information on building a new home, please contact Comfort Homes QLD in Bundaberg today on 0407116977 where you can speak to the builder direct.


Why choose us for your dream design?

Our highly skilled and talented professionals have years of design and construction expertise in their repertoire. We are driven to produce the epitome of luxury built in Queensland.

What’s more, we create dwellings that embody the Sunny State’s laidback, open-air lifestyle. We aim to inspire and invigorate and we do this through our bespoke, elegant builds.

If you have been seeking a builder who believes in the beauty of grand design then you’ve found it here. We will work closely with you to ensure the design is one that you are thrilled with and one in which you can’t wait to make the big move!

How to Get Started - Step by Step

I’m ready to get started, what do I do first?

1.   Initially contact your lending institute and find out what pre-approved funds you are eligible for (If you require a loan to build a new home), if you already have your funds organised, set yourself a budget for the build.

2.   If you already haven’t purchased your land, find a block of land suitable for both your lifestyle & your budget.

3.   Contact the friendly team at Comfort Homes QLD to inspect your proposed land to discuss your preferred design options & expected construction costs – town block or rural.

4.   Purchase your land.

5.   Meet with us at Comfort Homes QLD to organize a house design & Preliminary Agreement Stage (Working Drawings, Engineering Plans, Soil Test & Report, Footing & Slab Design, Site Survey – Contours for house location).

6.   Once Comfort Homes QLD has received these preliminary documents, we can then commence the quotation process and prepare a Fixed Price Quote with a full Specifications for your new home.

7.   Once your Comfort Homes fixed price quote is accepted, give your quote & drawings to your lending authority for formal approval of your mortgage (if you require finance).

8.   Once your loan is pre-approved – Comfort Homes QLD will prepare the Residential Building Contract & Specification for signing, along with confirmation of the final working drawings, structural engineering plans and specification selections.  Upon signing your Comfort Homes QLD Residential Building Contract a Deposit of 5% of the contract price is then paid by the owners.  

9.   Building & Plumbing Applications are lodged by Comfort Homes QLD, along with the required documents & we await receipt of the Plumbing and Building Approvals for your project.

10.  Once Building Approval has been received, the team at Comfort Homes QLD will submit the stamped approved documents to your mortgage broker or bank for final approval of your mortgage (if required)

11.  Construction of your new 'Comfort Home' begins!  Seeing your new home being built is such an exciting time & the ability to visit your home during construction is an enjoyable and rewarding experience.  Regular site meetings and discussions with your builder, Ricky Paroz, during this time will ensure that you stay involved and are able to inspect and provide feedback on each stage of your build.

12.  Prior to official handover you will have a final inspection with the builder who will give you a full tour of the home, this will provide you the opportunity to thoroughly inspect our work, ask any questions and/or discuss any items which need to be addressed before you move in and ensure that you are comfortable in operation all of your new gadgets.

13.  Handover Time!  Once final payment of the building contract has been received by Comfort Homes QLD, you will then be presented with the keys to your new Comfort Home and are able to move in enjoy the lifestyle you dreamed about when you made your decision to build with Comfort Homes.


Our team is committed to providing Queenslanders with the highest service standard. Therefore, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to speak about building your dream home. We will be more than happy to discuss our beautiful builds and how they can be perfect for your lifestyle.

Call +61 407 116 977 to speak with us today. Alternatively, you can send us an inquiry message via our contact page and we will reply with all the information you require!